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Location/Opening hours

We are located in Geirsgata 8, in Reykjavik’s old harbour close to city center.
Tel.: +354  553 1500, E-mail: seabaron8@gmail.com

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May 15 to August 31 – 11:30-23:00
September 1 to May 15 – 11:30-22:00

Easter Sunday – 11:30-16:00
December 24 – 11:30-15:00
December 25 and 26 – 11:30-15:00
December 31 – 11:30-16:00
January 1 – 17:00-22:00



The Menu
The variety is great: Lobster Soup, Angler, Catfish, Cod, Skate, Lobster, Halibut, Salmon, Lemon Sole, Plaice, Blue Ling, River Trout.

 Reykjavik Hostel Village: The very best Lobster Soup in the World!    


Sægreifinn – The Sea Baron Restaurant

A true legend and a trailblazer in Reykjavik harbour is the Sea Baron, a retired fishermand and Coast Guard chef, who came up with the recipe for what has been called the “world’s greatest lobster soup.” You’ll find his restaurant, Sægreifinn (The Sea Baron) down by the old harbour in Reykjavík in green-painted, old fisherman’s hut, where you can have your choice of fresh seafood barbequed on skewers and see if there is any truth to the bold statement about the lobster soup.

In his early days, the Sea Baron, who is better known as Kjartan Halldórsson, was a fisherman who sailed from Reykjavik’s harbour during the 1950′s. Kjartan then decided to tak a week-long chef’s course and hired himself as a chef for the Cost Guard, where he would prepare meals during the often long tours. Then he pioneered marketing smoked eel to Icelanders and, to this day, he smokes his own ells down by the docks, the pungent smell forcing him to smoke them during the night.

Later, Kjartan opened up a fisk shop, selling all sorts fresh fish products directly from the dock.
Kjartan’s transition from fishmonger to restaurant owner was based more on coincidence than anything else. One day, standing by his boxes of fish packed in ice, a group of foreign visitors asked if it were possible for Kjartan to prepare the fish for them. Quick to spot an opportunity Kjartan ran to the nearest shop, purchased a grill and cooked the fish right there, inviting the visitors to dine inside his fish shop – which is where the Sægreifinn restaurant stands today. Word spread and more people asked for his grilled seafood, so Kjartan got rid of the boxes and becam a restaurand owner.

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  1. Bragi says:

    Góðan dag og Gleðilegt nýtt ár :)
    Nú erum við að tala saman. Það gleður mig að sjá að þið eruð komin með enskan teksta og mun ég leitast við að linka á ykkur.

  2. Bragi says:

    Kom enn og aftur til ykkar með gesti og allaf er súpan rosalega góð. Mitt fólk eins og venjulega verulega ánægt.

  3. Dear Sægreifinn,

    My name is christian Noergaard, I am the Editor of the travel magazine, TUREN GÅR TIL, a travel magazine that is publish by JYLLANDS-POSTEN, in Copenhagen.

    I had the pleasure to enjoy a nice lobster soup at you place and will therefor make a story about you restaurant. But I need a picture (as a JPG, 2-3 MB) of Kjartan Halldórsson – best would be a picture from the restaurant.

    I hope you are able to help me out, and that you will send the picture ASAP – best today – I am in the middle of my deadline.

    Christian Nørgaard

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  5. [...] returning to the hostel to shower and clean up, we went out to Saegreifinn for dinner.  I think this was my favorite meal in Iceland.  We all had their delicious lobster [...]

  6. Crystal says:


    May I make a reservation for two on May 19 Saturday at 7 pm under the name of Crystal Taylor? If you can, please can you send me a confirmation for our booking?

    I tried the email: saegreifi@saegreifi.is but it bounced.


    Kind regards,

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  8. [...] Saegreifinn - 1100ISK (£5.50) for lobster soup and bread! [...]

  9. [...] ours with the works. Prior to traveling to Iceland, I was told I must order the lobstersoup at the Seabaron.  It wasn’t high on my Icelandic priority list, but when we passed this tiny restaurant on a [...]

  10. hello please could you email me (i tried your email but i t was returned). We are studying fisheries in iceland next april and we would like to come eat at your restaurant. We are 37 students aged 16/17 and 3 teachers. I would like them to try your fish dishes with potatoes. We are a school group not for profit and i organize the trip myself so we are on fixed limited budget but we would love to try your lobster soup or some mixed fish dishes.

    Thank you Louise Barnes
    Geography Teacher
    European School of Brussels

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